Communicate successfully in any language and reach out to a world without borders.

Language is no longer a barrier, but rather an opportunity for you and your business.

Achieve the desired impact: convey your message in the way your audience wants to receive it.



We express in one language what has been written or expressed in another.

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Sworn translation

Our sworn translators translate your official documents.

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We convey your message orally into another language, ensuring effective and successful communication.

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We produce high-quality texts to suit your needs and objectives.

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Proofreading & editing

We improve the quality of your texts and contents with our proofreading and copyediting service.

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We convert audio to text transcripts, whether in Spanish or another language.

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Subtitles for your audio-visual material in whichever language you need

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Multilingual service

Thanks to WPT, all 24 official EU languages are at your command, in addition to Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Arabic and more.

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Promptness, efficiency and professionalism. I’ve got nothing but words of gratitude for the service received and the results obtained.

Alberto Tortosa Rabasco

Sales and Audit | Grupo Sprinter & JD Sports

Translations up to all expectations thanks to a team that exudes professionalism, promptness, honesty and commitment in every project.

Juan Manuel Martínez Alcazar

CFO | Greene Valorización Energética de Resiudos

They’re very professional and reliable, and always meet the deadlines. I would highly recommend their services.

Patricia Alameda Roche

Sales Manager | Complejo San Juan, Grupo PSN

We highlight WPT’s problem-solving skills and willingness to help us whenever we need it the most.

Noelia Bog Boix

Credit Department | Garvalín

Working with WPT has always been really easy, and that’s a good thing when outsourcing services as specific as those needed in the health industry.

Fernando Villaverde Fernández

Marketing and Development Director | Grupo SR

Working with WPT means peace of mind. They do their job very well and translations are always on time.

Antonio García-Saúco Iglesias

Q41 Graphic Design, Communication and Web Development

WPT has given us the confidence and trust of a great team behind every little action.

Marcos Vega

Communication Director | Grupo Pikolinos

WPT is a guarantee of a job well done thanks to the expertise of its professionals and their firm commitment to customer service.

Sofía Blasco

Secretary General | Grupo Marjal

WPT offers efficient, first-rate and reliable services; they know how to properly convey the meaning in the translations.

David Navarro Matas

Solicitor | NLR Abogados

Throughout our company’s expansion process into international markets it is crucial that the translations are accurate and consistent, the characteristics of WPT’s work.

José María Mazón Juárez

Epay Solutions

We are most satisfied with the quality of work, the delivery times, the professional approach in general and also the warm, personal service.

Kees Knijnenberg

International Menno Simons Centrum

The WPT team impressed me with their dedication, hard work and positive attitude. That makes them real professionals. Working with WPT is a privilege.

Pieter Post

European Mennonite Network

Why choose WPT

Each project blends our customary professionalism and commitment with a friendly and personalised service, enabling WPT to deliver efficient performance with first-rate results.


WPT is a trusted source

We have been growing steadily for over a decade, enjoying the work we do for every client and on every project.